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2020/21 Breckenridge Ski Area Updates

Vail Resorts announced that Breckenridge ski area will open on November 13th with an easy to use reservation system.
Click here to read the full letter from Vail Resorts CEO and here for pass holder information and to see how the reservation system will work.


Two Easy Ways to Ski/Ride This Year

1. Pass Option
Purchase one of a variety of ski pass options available now at Epicpass.com
and begin making reservations on Nov 6th for the days you want to ski/ride.

Choose a pass option with between 1 and 7 days or purchase one of the full season pass options.

With any pass option you choose, you will be able to reserve up to 7 ski days at a time.
The reservations system will open on Nov 6th for people who purchase a pass of any variety.

2. Lift Ticket Option
Beginning on Dec 8th, day lift tickets will be available for purchase.
When you purchase your lift ticket, you will be able to choose the day you would like to ski/ride.


Three great reasons to purchase a pass instead of a lift ticket

1. First Priority for Reservations

Every pass holder will have first dibs at reserving their first 7 days

The reservation system for pass holders only will open on Nov 6

On Dec 8th, the resort will begin selling day lift tickets so more slots will fill

2. Better Value

Purchasing a pass rather than a lift ticket can save you up to 50%

3. No Risk

All passes are automatically insured this year

You can request a refund for a LOT of reasons


Not big on planning ahead? Purchase a lift ticket instead!

If you do not want to purchase a pass, no problem!

The ski area is confident that all people will be able to ski/ride on the days they

want either by using the pass system or the day lift ticket system. You may purchase lift tickets beginning on Dec 8, 2020. When you call or go online to purchase a day lift ticket, you will choose the day you want to use the lift ticket at the time of purchase.


The long and short of it:
At the time you purchase an Epic pass, you will set up an account. Once this account is set up, you will be notified as soon as the reservation system opens up and you will be able to choose your days. You may choose up to 7 days at a time. Once you use one of those days, you may reserve another day. In short, you can always have 7 days of planned skiing/riding at any given time. If you purchase a 7 day pass, you may reserve all 7 days as soon as the ski area opens up the reservation system.
Pay attention to black out dates attached to any pass as that might not be the pass for you if it conflicts with when you are coming to Breckenridge. If you purchase a pass with a black out day, you can always buy a day pass for that black out day in addition to your ski pass.
If you know you are coming to Breckenridge to ski, it makes sense to purchase an Epic Pass of some sort and grab your days as soon as the reservation system opens.
Compare pass options here: https://www.epicpass.com/pass-results/passes.aspx
Passholders will be able to make reservations at:
  1. EpicPass.com
  2. Breckenridge ski area website: https://www.breckenridge.com/plan-your-trip/lift-access/passes.aspx
  3. Over the phone:
    Breckenridge Guest Services: 
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
    (970) 453-5000 
    Email: breckinfo@vailresorts.com